Winter Warmer Talk - May the Forts be with you! The story of the Maunsell Sea Forts by Margaret Flo McEwan

Margaret Flo McEwan is the Founder of the Maunsell Sea Forts Appreciation Group.

These incredible structures were built under the instruction of engineer, Guy Maunsell, at the request of Winston Churchill in 1941. They were constructed on land and towed out to sea where they wre sunk onto sandbanks to protect the City of London from attacks by enemy aircraft during WW2. They were decommissioned by the MOD in the 1950s and lay abandoned until they became the home of Pirate Radio Stations some years later. Following the close down of the illegal broadcasters by the British Government in August 1967 the forts have stood silent in the estuary ever since, exposed to the elements and beautiful in decay.

This presentation will be a Zoom webinar held on Thursday 9th December at 19.00. 

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