Barges and Bread

Di Murrell's ‘Barges and Bread’ is a history of those who worked on the water; who used the Thames to transport goods; here woven into an account of how London relied upon the river to deliver the grain to feed its citizens. Written from a unique point of view; Di’s account of her time working on the water brings to an end a story whose beginnings can be tracked across 2000 years.

From carrying lime products for Roses marmalade on a pair of canal boats to transporting grain by barge from Tilbury to Coxes Mill on the Wey to eventually operating three coasters in and around the Thames Estuary, the Murrells followed the inland trade to its eventual demise.

Date: Thursday 5 December 2019

Time: Talk starts promptly at 20:00. Bar opens 18:00, Supper 18:45.

Venue: Royal Harwich Yacht Club

Bookings: Royal Harwich Yacht Club

Cost: £9.50 (talk & lunch), £5.00 (talk only)