Winners decided in CAptain’s Mate Photo Competition

'A picture is worth a thousand words' and the CA has been delighted at the vast array of entries for our 2023 CAptain’s Mate Photo Competition.

Launched in September last year to highlight the benefits of the photo gallery which compliments locations on CAptain’s Mate, the competition also sought to encourage more photo submissions to the app.

The location photo gallery on CAptain’s Mate visually illustrates a location. This may be the approach, a view over the harbour, location of services, a spectacular view from an anchorage or any other aspects that will assist CA members in their trip planning or visit.

David Rainsbury, a yachtsman, climber, journalist, author, and photographer, selected the top five photos in each of the three categories. The CA’s Cruising Information Development Group (CIDG) then chose the winning photo in each category.

Prizes have been awarded in three categories:

Category: Most helpful for pilotage
Description: A photo illustrating pilotage in a useful way, such as leading lines, location of a submerged rock, identification of facilities
Winning Photo: New Hurst Spit extension by Nicholas Boxall

Category: Capturing the 'essence of a place'
Description: A photo illustrating what to expect when you get there and giving a feel of the location
Winning Photo: Nyhavn by night by Andy Bristow

Category: Providing useful information
Description: A photo illustrating something that is useful to know when you are there, such as a photo showing where the water tap is on the pier or location of the HM’s office
Winning Photo: ‘Target’ shows position of

Congratulations to the winners who will receive a prize of CA goodies.

Thank you to David Rainsbury for judging the photos and to CA members for your contributions.


New Hurst Spit extension by Nicholas Boxall


‘Target’ shows position of <1m rock by Gerald Freshwater


Nyhavn by night by Andy Bristow


About CAptain’s Mate

CAptain’s Mate was voted as the ‘Equipment Innovation of the Year’ at the 2022 British Yachting Awards. CAptain’s Mate provides an unrivalled breadth of information and cruising reports covering 7,500+ locations in 100+ countries around the world, providing members with up to date, accurate and trusted location data on anchorages, marinas, ports, harbours, boatyards along with their facilities and amenities. Available on iOS, Android and web, CAptain’s Mate is exclusive to members.

Uploading photos to CAptain’s Mate

Uploading a photograph to a CAptain’s Mate gallery could not be easier. It takes a couple of minutes directly from your smart phone and can also be uploaded from a tablet or PC, by tapping the ‘Add Gallery Image’ button. You can also read our help page for more information.

21 March 2024