Cruising Association Promo Week Scores a Hit!

The Cruising Association's online Promo Week (September 11-20) was held as an alternative to exhibiting at the Southampton Boat Show and it's been hailed an all-round success, with 36 new members signing up plus a record 240 sales of our Almanac!

This was a first for the CA and, as we rolled out the imaginary online Boat Show blue carpet instead of opening up our usual Show stand to welcome visitors, we could only hope that all our planning and technical innovations would pay off. After mounting a hard-hitting, all-encompassing campaign of awareness and engagement with members, and all content being taken online for the first time, we are delighted to have returned some impressive results.

Lucy Gray, the CA's General Manager, commented: "During times where face-to-face contact with members and prospective members is difficult, I'm pleased that we were able to focus our efforts on online communication, using tools such as Zoom and Live Chat."


There were two highly professional webinars presented to an impressive turnout and the prize draws held with First Class Sailing and Gill Marine that ran during the week also attracted an excellent level of entries.

Michaela Parker is over the moon to have won the CA/First Class Sailing transat prize


Stephen Salter won a new set of Gill OS2 during Promo Week


22 September 2020