Croatian boat tax may be delayed

The CA’s protest over an increase in Croatian Sojourn Tax of up to 492% for a 12-15m boat and 540% for a 15-20m boat has led to a review by the government, which will come into effect on January 1, 2019.

However, the campaign continues in the hope that 2017 rates will be accepted throughout the current year. The best advice to members is not to be too hasty in offering to pay the tax until the situation becomes clearer.

Gari Cappelli, the Croatian Minister of Tourism, has written to the CA, via the Croatian embassy in the UK, saying: "The Croatian Ministry of Tourism is establishing [a] special working group in order to find out the best possible solution for the sojourn tax payment and make it easier for yachtsmen to pay it."

He confirmed that implementation of the new Act is planned for January 1, 2019, and added: "Croatian professionals and entrepreneurs from the nautical sector are involved in the process of adopting a new Sojourn Tax Law. We appreciate the Cruising Association’s suggestions, which will be considered... during adoption of the new Sojourn Tax."

Photo: Sue Denny