Royal Institution of Navigation awards Fellowship to Robin Baron, Chair of RATS

Robin Baron, chair of the CA Regulations and Technical Services group (RATS), has been awarded a Fellowship by the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN).

Royal Institute of NavigationThe prestigious Fellowship is awarded to individuals who have made a significant contribution to RIN and also demonstrated their skill as a navigator. Robin was awarded the RIN Fellowship with the citation: "In recognition of his contribution to small craft safety and to the RIN’s guidance on electronic navigation systems."

As well as being a member of RIN, Robin was one of the contributors to the Small Craft Group Group of RIN (SCG) Electronic Navigation Systems - Guidance for safe use on leisure vessels booklet in 2020. With the transition from paper charts to purely electronic navigation, the work of the SCG is critical in raising awareness of the need for people to understand their electronic systems and use them appropriately. RIN wants to ensure the transition is undertaken safely and with understanding of all the issues relating to electronic systems.

Paul Bryans, Chair of the SCG, nominated Robin for the Fellowship and in paying tribute said, "The starting point was Robin’s contribution as chair of the Cruising Association’s RATS, but in addition RIN wanted to recognise Robin’s expertise and contribution through RATS to general navigation safety. RIN is very grateful for the relationship with the Cruising Association, and we continue to work with RATS on other matters."

Acknowledging the uniqueness of the accolade, Bryans continued, "It is rare for RIN to recognise a leisure sailor in this way, rather than professional mariners, so this award really pays tribute to the contribution made by Robin on behalf of sail and motor cruisers, which in turn benefits the broader maritime community."

Robin also assisted with the RIN SCG’s follow up actions arising from the Recommendations that were published alongside the booklet. He is also a member of the Pleasure Vessel Navigation Systems Working Group (PVNSWG), set up by the UKSoN committee of the MCA, which is being chaired and run by Paul Bryans for RIN.

Robin Baron, Chair of RATSRobin commented, "I am honoured to have been awarded Fellowship of the Royal Institute of Navigation. The CA’s Regulations and Technical Services group (RATS) and the RIN Small Craft Group work together closely on navigation issues as they affect leisure vessels. The RINSWG is a very interesting project looking at standards and practices in electronic navigation for leisure users."

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20 June 2022