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73 countries in 25 years of cruising

Due to family health issues our yacht is now FOR SALE.

Our website follows our journey and now has FOR SALE details. 


Listen to our story/podcast here:  - Episode 71

La Aventura is Jimmy Cornells 2nd yacht 


This well engineered yacht has the style and practicality few other boats of this size offer.

La Aventura offers a sailing experience with minimal physical effort and high standard of living accommodation. Designed in such a way to make the owners life easier and the on-board experience more pleasurable making long distance cruising enjoyable and achievable.

The boat is clearly aimed at couples with occasional guests who are looking for comfort and space in a 40th foot yacht. Due to her solid steel construction this yacht would be an excellent choice for an exploration yacht. She is fully equipped for world cruising- ready to go anywhere.

La Aventura has been continuously invested in, kept up-to-date, well maintained and looked after throughout the 23 years with the current ownership.