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This blog is about more than cruises: there are posts about a mutiny on the Guardian newspaper's Fastnet yacht entry and about how I was held personally responsible (in a manner of speaking) for sinking the Bank of England's yacht. We've sailed round Britain and Ireland twice and will do it again soon. I go deep into the arguments that still rage among yachtsmen and classicists about where Odysseus actually sailed. There are posts on building an Iain Oughtred lapstrake pram dinghy, electronic navigation and chart accuracy, our inland barge cruises, and regular trans-Adriatic races from Venice. We’ve been many times to France and Holland, spent three years recently on the Biscay coast and chartered often in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic and as far as the Seychelles. The blog now seems to be turning into the sailing equivalent of  The Oldie magazine - there are reminiscences from the 1950s onwards.