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CA members kidnapped

CA members Rachel and Paul Chandler are believed to have been kidnapped by pirates in the Indian Ocean. The couple were cruising in their Rival 38 Lynn Rival and left the Seychelles last Wednesday, expecting to be at sea for about two weeks. They activated their EPIRB two days later and posted a message on their blog saying only ‘PLEASE RING SARAH’.

Search the library catalogue and the yearbook

We're happy to announce several new features on MyCA.

The library catalogue has now been moved to our online database by Ivan Andrews and you can look up the catalogue by author title or category. You will find a link to the search page under "Search" on the left hand side and also under the new "Information Centre" link.

A particularly nice feature of integrating it with MyCA is that if there is a review of the book online, it will automatically be displayed along with the catalogue entry.

Spanish Taxes Update

The issue of liability for tax for boat owners who keep their boats in Spain for an extended period has been a thorny issue for some time. Click on the heading to see a summary of the matter. 

Two versions (one full, and one more readable!) are available to members through the left hand menu. Go to Cruising Guides>>West Med and you'll find the links there, or use links in the members news items below.  

Meanwhile, here's a publicly available extract from our West Mediterranean Cruising Guide: 


Piracy in the Gulf of Aden and off Somalia

Yachts to be included in Piracy Deterrence Operations in the Gulf of Aden and off Somalia


Appointment of General Secretary

Wendy Hodkinson

Council is pleased to announce the appointment of Wendy Hodkinson as the Association's General Secretary. Wendy has already taken up her post and you may contact her here.

Square pans for square meals

RATS receives all kinds of queries (some I am sure maliciously thought up to catch us out!) though not in this case. The question was how does a singlehander cope with his youngsters and their friends descending on him ravenously hungry when he is weatherbound in harbour?With six mouths to feed he had to look to his reserve stock and decided baked beans, corned beef and tinned tomatoes, but the problem was how to prepare the meal with his limited cooking utensils. Being an experienced CA member he was resourceful and coped.

Don’t take foot and mouth abroad

The recent outbreak of foot and mouth in deepest Surrey might seem a long way from the sea and nothing much to concern us, but this is wrong. We hear about the restrictions on the movement of livestock, but restrictions extend much wider, and they do apply to us. We are not personally prevented from travelling overseas, but during an outbreak and for three months afterwards it is illegal to take abroad certain meat and dairy products and in addition some countries apply further restrictions in addition to the UK ones.

A new cruising ground?

Apparently in 2007 the Arctic icecap has melted back further than ever before. On September 9th it was reported that it covered an area of just 4.24msq.kms. The previous minimum record was 5.32 msq kms in September 2005.During this year the North West Passage was open from August 22nd.

SOLAS vessels to report

In a further announcement MCA has stated that as from 1st January 2008 all SOLAS vessels on long range voyages (defined as in non A1 areas, ie outside VHF range from shore) are required to transmit details of their identity and position at least every six hours. The system is known as LRIT (Long Range Identification & Tracking). The onboard device used must be able to transmit the information automatically, and at intervals able to be reset remotely, ie by shore stations, to other periods down to fifteen minutes. The ship’s identity must be able to be polled at will by any other station.

Radar reflectors should be permanently mounted

In a recent MGN (Marine Guidance Notice) MCA state that:

1. ‘It is strongly recommended that yachtsmen permanently install, not just carry a radar reflector or RTE, that offers the largest Radar Cross Section practicable for their vessel.