Worldwide participation in CA webinar on ‘Orca and Yachts: Fact, Fiction and Fear’

In a strong display of international interest, the CA webinar on ‘Orca and Yachts: Fact, Fiction and Fear’ attracted a live audience of over 450 participants from 37 nations, spanning all continents.

Held on Thursday 18 May, the webinar presented the phenomenon of a population of orca that feeds on and follows the migration of tuna exiting the Mediterranean from the Strait of Gibraltar and heads West and North around the Iberian Peninsula. The webinar, organised by the CA’s Regulatory & Technical Services Group (RATS), offered valuable insights into the extensive efforts undertaken by the CA to collect and analyse data, as well as disseminate knowledge on interactions.

Presenter and lead of the CA orca project team, John Burbeck, shared information on interactions and uneventful passages in 2022 and 2023, data and analysis, reporting protocols, tracking and location maps, along with a range of information resources available to the sailing community. The webinar also gave advice on staying safe and risk reduction if sailing in an affected area, including deterrent measures, before concluding with a Q&A session.

The webinar recording is now available on the CA’s official YouTube channel.



The CA encourages sharing of the webinar recording within the sailing community and across social media.
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Orca information and reporting portal

For further information and resources on orcas, please visit the CA’s dedicated orca information and reporting portal at The portal offers a wide range of resources available in multiple languages, including English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Recently updated, the portal now incorporates the CA's latest research findings and analysis conducted since June 2022. It also provides additional safety measures and deterrent advice, updated reporting forms, and links to other relevant resources, including real-time orca locations. Furthermore, the portal publishes comparative data derived from all received reports, highlighting emerging patterns and trends.

26 May 2023