CAptain’s Mate of the Month - Alkionidhes Islands, Greece

The Alkionidhes Islands, also called ‘Kalanisa’, is a group of four islands located in the northeastern part of the Gulf of Corinth. The islands are of immense natural beauty with only a few buildings.

The CAptain’s Mate overview describes the islands as offering a ‘beautiful anchorage’ and ‘a great place to escape the crowds in August’. CA member Elizabeth Thorp recently visited the south bay on the western side of the island known as Zoodhokos and in her CAptain’s Mate report noted:

"Anchored overnight in the south bay in wind to F5 SE going NE and it was delightful.

The bottom is quite rocky within the 5m contour; further out it is areas of sand and areas of weed. We anchored in 20ft on sand and the holding was good in the gusty wind. A very slight swell crept round the S end of N. Zoodhokos but the water stayed flat. There is space for several yachts.

A substantial jetty remains in place, very convenient for landing ashore. The monastery chapel remains open for visits, though there were few signs of any repairs. Lots and lots of seabirds! Mobile data signal is intermittent and slow. The fish farm opposite, on the E side of N. Glaronisi, is extensive."

Elizabeth is a regular CAptain’s Mate contributor and was awarded a CA Polaris Award in recognition of her contributions, which is symbolised by a blue star displayed against her name on the app.


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4 July 2023