CAptain’s Mate of the Month – Prickly Bay, Grenada

We kick off our CAptain’s Mate of the Month for 2024 in the Caribbean gem of Grenada and head to Prickly Bay.

Nestled at the southwestern end of Grenada, Prickly Bay is a deep, large, open bay which is often packed with boats at anchor, on moorings, at marinas or on the hard. In terms of anchoring, as the bay is completely open to the south some rolling due to swell must be expected, so anchoring further in is better. Along with plenty of anchoring space, there are mooring buoys, along with floating docks at Prickly Bay Marina.

When heading ashore by tender, there are tie up options at designated docks at Spice Island Marina and Prickly Bay Marina.

CA member Paul Little remarks on his experience of visiting Prickly Bay in May 2023, sharing, "The ‘marina’ consists of a single hammerhead pontoon with spaces for about half a dozen boats. There are many mooring balls available from Moorsafe ltd at $US20/night, $115/week or $230/month (2023) but during hurricane season these may be hard to come by. Anchoring is available to the south (in about 10 metres) and north (in around 3 to 5 metres) of the mooring field but the north is a little more restricted. Holding is generally good in sand.

"There is an active, multinational, cruisers community that coordinate shopping trips, social functions, rashes (hikes) and various other activities.

"It is an easy dinghy ride to the head of the bay where you will find Budget Marine, a very well stocked chandlery - don't forget to take your boat papers along to get your parts ‘duty free’."

CAptain’s Mate also details onsite or nearby facilities, which include, gas, laundry, chandlery, supermarket, restaurants, tourist services, along with lay up and marine repair services.

From the marina, it is a short walk to the main road where you can catch buses, including to St George’s for $EC2.50.

Members can discover more about Prickly Bay and other locations in Grenada and across the Caribbean and beyond on CAptain’s Mate or via the web version of the app.


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5 January 2024